The delaying of F828 apperaing... The end of history: Total disappointment!!!

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Re: The delaying of F828 apperaing... The end of history: Total disappointment!!!

There are limits to what Sony can provide in the phtography field. Yes, they build the CCDs used in most prosumer digicams (and some DSLRs) but the CCD is part of the story. You can't (and should not) expect Sony to compete with Canon or Nikon, it is thier primary BUSINESS.

The problem is that with the introduction of Canon 300D (and soon Nikon D70) the market of highend prosumer will shrink. In 2004 no manufacturer will even think of intrudcing a prosumer csmera @ price higher than 600-700. That's not good enough for Sony and I guess this is what cause them to take this bold step (F828)

The question is, will it be feasable for Sony to work on F858 or drop the F series and keep working in the compact cams? (even in this sector, Canon is thratning Sony)....

Hirae wrote:

It was suppose there was some troubles on this camera, Sony has
delayed almost 2 months to put this camera on maket... And don´t
resolved the main problems , the purple fringing (Carl Zeiss, what
a shame!!!) and the image quality with a lot of noises even low
Yes, if we wanna get better pictures, we must change to Canon,
spending almost 3 times (with standard accessories) than F828
SONY: you´ve disappointed us!!! I´ve using the F-series since
F505V, and since F707 (the best image quality, focus) , you don´t
deliver a Great image as we are expecting. Even F717 is noisier
than 707... What´s going on SONY? My next step it will be a CANON
DSLR!!!! Good bye SONY, I´ve got a lot of disappointments with you,
my luck is that I didn´t make any pre-order in this F828, I learned
it when I sold my 707 to buy 717... It´s a big mistake!!! And I
hope, it will be last!!!

ps. My english is too bad, but I need to put all my feelings out at
this time!!!

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