A Must Read for G500 Owners!!!!!!!!!

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Jim Cockfield Forum Pro • Posts: 16,342
A Must Read for G500 Owners!!!!!!!!!

For those experiencing indoor focus lock problems, there is a fix.

Set your EV Compensation to -1.5 (maximum negative EV Compensation) indoors with flash. This will NOT cause underexposed photos (the flash will automatically compensate, giving correct exposure)!

It WILL allow your camera to focus in areas it could not before, regardless of the amount of zoom you use!

Don't believe me? Pick a subject that you are able to lock focus on at wide angle, but not at full zoom. Then change your EV compensation to negative 1.5 and repeat the tests.

You will be able to get focus lock using more and more zoom, as more negative EV compensation is applied.

As negative EV Compensation is applied, it appears to attenuate the signal from the CCD (or supporting chip set), prior to the algorithms controlling flash strength (so the image still looks exposed the same with flash).

I now believe that this is the ENTIRE PROBLEM with the inconsistencies we are seeing between G500 users (some users reporting that their cameras are working fine, and others reporting that their cameras are not able to focus properly in low light, with higher noise, etc.).

What I think is happening:

When the signal is too strong from the CCD, the autofocus algorithms are unable to distinquish the contrast between pixels. This is why some cameras appear to be defective. I had EXACTLY the same problem with a Sony DSC-P10. It would not focus or expose photos accurately indoors, and also had high noise and image artifacts. It also overexposed photos outdoors. I finally gave up on it, and returned it.

So, I think the entire problem with the G500 (and probably other cameras using this Sony 1/1.8" CCD) is a variation in the signal strength from it (or a flaw in the supporting chip set).

This is why some users report exposure problems, artifacts, higher noise, focus problems, etc., and other user's cameras work fine.

I also believe this is why there is a variation in reviews. For example: Steves-Digicams.com found that the G500 worked focused surprisingly well in low light, yet dcresource.com had the opposite results.

I also believe that this is why we are seeing a huge difference in reviews in other cameras using this Sony 1/1.8" CCD. For example: some reviewers seeing high noise from the Oly C-5050z, and other users indicating low noise.

It's a variation in the signal strength between CCD's, or some supporting component. Period!

I just started a new album on the problem (and solution) here. Note that there will NOT be a problem with underexposed images using this technique, based on my quick tests so far!


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