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Image noise


The CCD used in this generation of Kodak DSLRs have a lower signal-to-noise ratio than newer units. Of course, that makes some sense given the way electronics in general are constantly improved.

Here are a couple of tips to help you work with what you have.

First off, the older CCDs are quite sensitve to infrared light. These cameras were designed to accept an IR light blocking filter just inside the lens mounting ring. You need to ensure that you have one installed for daylight shooting, or else the high levels of IR light from the sun will show up as extra noise in the images.

There were two filters. Both blocked IR. The basic one just blocked IR, while the advanced one also incorportaed an anti aliasing function. The IR only one was marked 'IR' when it was produced, so it's fairly easy to tell the two apart.

The second thing is that the CCD is more apt to show noise in the blue channel. This follows logically from the device having so much IR sensitivity. The thing you need to do here is to ensure that the lighting contains a reasonable amount of blue wavelength light. For example, the camera will work better if you use a strobe light even if there is enough existing light to give you good exposure (as determined by a meter).

In conjunction with this, be careful about the filters you use on your lenses. I discovered with my older Kodak DSLRs that using a top name brand UV filter, for example, gave cleaner images than using one of the lesser brand ones. I found that Nikon filters worked about the best for cutting UV yet not letting the light levels in the blue wavelengths fall too far.

You can make these cameras work for you, but you do have to work wiithin a greater number of limitations that you would with one of the current models.

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