Canada / eBay? Scams?

Started Jan 5, 2004 | Discussions thread
Clayphish Senior Member • Posts: 1,360
Re: Main thing wrong with Canada is

It really depends on what company you ship with. I just had a lens shipped FedEx express from California to Winnipeg the day before new years. It was suppose to take 3 business days but ended up only being 2, taking into account of the holiday. I was expecting to get it the following monday, but they really pushed it.

Bob Haverford wrote:
a TERRIBLE mail system. I've bought a few things from Canada which
took FOREVER to get here.

Charles Pfeil wrote:

I am selling a couple lenses on eBay and I said that I would only
sell in the USA. I have gotten three queries from Canadians. Are
there any current scams going on from Canada? There was also a
query from Singapore which I promptly said that I wouldn't sell to

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