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Re: s7000-$479.99

Thanks Cassandra. That rating will help people decide on whether the risk of purchasing from them at that price is worth it.

Cassandra wrote:

I've not purchased anything from them but http://www.resellerratings.com
gives them an awful rating!


clal wrote:

I saw this advertised as I googled looking for a telephoto lens. I
don't know anything about this company but thought I would pass it
on to you who are thinking of buying the S7000. I am sure they
will pressure you to buy their accessories which seem high when
compared to other places I checked. If this company has been
discussed before on another thread I apologize for bringing it up
again in a new thread. Just thought someone might want to check
this price and see if it is for real.


I am new to the Fuji forum although I have been lurking for the
past 3 weeks or so. My wife gave to me the S7000 for Christmas and
I love the camera. I have a lot to learn and a lot of practice to
do with my camera but learning is fun. I have already learned much
from you people here and appreciate how eager you are to help
people with their questions.
Some of the pictures I have seen are really excellent. I am
particuarly impressed with the pictures that Morris takes. You
take great pictures Morris. Don't think I'll ever get that good
but certainly will get better than I am presently.


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