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FCB Submission Matreshka Attempt #2

Uncle Frank,

I am pleased to submit my work again, after more than 1 hour of postprocessing. I followed your advice by slightly lighten the background but I also did some improvement on the dolls themsleves from the RAW file.

Thanks this work, I admit that the result is by far better (thank you for your advice !)

Awaiting for your sentence !


Here is the result :


I'm sorry I didn't see your submission sooner, Pascal. It's a
wonderful composition, and one that will surely please the
Committee... after a bit of processing. In its current state, the
dark portions of the heads of the 1st and 2nd doll are drawn into
the background. I think this could be avoided by changing the
background color. As well, there is a block of differentiated
shade across the bottom of the frame that mars the appearance of
the background. A little more time in the darkroom, and you should
be able to overcome both of these problems.
Warm regards and Happy Holidays,
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