DSC-F828 vs. L glass

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Pretty pointed actually


Seemed way too pointed to me. In case you missed it, I'll reprint it in all its glory:

"The driver of this particular steamroller has pretty good techno-photographic credentials, yet not only has he leaned totally on someone else's single image as an instrument of general proof (trumping L-L's single image put up as a mere item of interest), but he's actually gone so far as to "magnify" (!!!!!) one of the pre-existing L-L 100% crops -- mid-quality JPEG and all -- to try and prove a point. Once things like that start happening, especially at the hands of people who should know better with their brain tied securely behind their back, then the whole shooting match can be seen to have descended into consummate farce and any basis for sensible discussion long since evaporated"

I knew instantly who he was referring to, and I haven't been by the STF for days. Personally I think anyone who has a website and uses it to call people childish names -- I see that anyone who disagees with MR is now officially a "pixel peeper' -- which I take it is a cross between a pixel and a peeping Tom -- badly needs some maturity and is in desparate need of a sense of humor.

As far as I know, Ron Parr has only pointed out the issues with the review. So at this point the ad hominems are entirely one-sided.

Ulysses wrote:

Ron Parr wrote:

Funny - his description of events was so far off that I hadn't even
realized he was trying to attack me until you suggested it.

You may want to keep it that way.

I have no interest in all the "exposure" going on, both with regard
to camera reviews and with regard to alleged personal issues. I
certainly didn't read Mike's comments that way.

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