A1: Minolta plans Wide & Tele converters

Started Dec 31, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: A1: Minolta plans Wide & Tele converters

Great news
I read your original post but then could not find it again

Will be interesting to see how much they degrade the images. But now can have 22mm to 300mm awesome

Dat Ei wrote:
Hey rslx,

Sorry about that. Any information on prices?

no need to apologize, but no price info over here too. Maybe you
can read german and like to read our infos here:


One info that is important ist that these converters are for D7i,
D7Hi and A1 only, but not for the D5 and the original D7. It seems
that Minolta did a change of the lens barrel. The converters might
be to heavy for thoses Dimages.

Dat Ei

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