Yoshida adapter--easy to order

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Re: fz1 adapter

Yes, I have the Yoshida FZ1 adapter also. It's the same size, but metal with better threads. It does NOT have the "bayonet" attachment for the lens hood (but I never used it anyway - too obtrusive in my opinion). The TCON-17 fits quite securely now, without having to have any filters attached first. I'm not sure how much it is by itself (no more than $64 shipped, maybe less). Since I ordered the 155B the same time as the 1055B (for the FZ10), I got a break on price.

fmoore wrote:
Steve - Have you received the fz1 adapter? How does it compare
with the stock adapter; same attachment behavior? How much shipped?

ssteppe wrote:

Last I heard, Carlos was taking orders. I hated to do it, but I
jumped ship so I could get it faster (Carlos' adapter will take a
few weeks) and I have both an FZ10 and FZ1 - I wanted adapters for
both. Carlos' adapter will be for the FZ10.

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