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Re: Is this a joke?

Since when is asking a question ever stupid?
Even if the question has an obvious answer... why stay ignorant?

Happy new year!

Robert Harrington wrote:
I've been reading these threads about "shooting family portraits at
f4," "S2 softy," etc. with mounting amazement. We have a guy who
says he's a working pro with his own studio but who:
a) has to be told that lenses generally don't perform at their best
when wide open,
b) blames the camera when he gets lower performance at wide open,
c) expects premium performance from a low-priced lens,
d) posted miserable images to illustrate his "problem,"
e) doesn't know that a 24mm lens is inappropriate for group shots, and
f) asks open-ended questions such as "What is the best lens for..."

By and large the replies have been informative, sincere and polite.
Any hint of aggravation is met with anger.
I'm an amateur with limited ( 2 yrs) experience, and I would be
embarrassed to ask such elementary questions.
Is this all a joke? Are we being jerked around?
Own up, Lina. Are you actually joking?


Lina wrote:

Has anyone ever used the following lens with S2 for shooting family
portraits? I have been having focusing issues (soft images) when
used with S2 at F4.

Please advice.

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