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Re: Your confusing the TCON14B with the little TCON14

Jimmie Burton wrote:

which has 46mm threads, I get 50% vignetting free zoom with it and
also with the A200.

The TCOM14B is for E series cameras and has a 62mm thread and does not vignette. I didn't see anything on the TCOM14 on this site. Maybe I missed it - I'll go back and check.

I don't have a TCON14 so I can't compare but we agree on the A200

With the B300/TCON17 using a 72 to 55 mm step
down ring on the lense hood that came with the FZ10 I only get
about 10% free zoom.

I get no 10% - it vignettes very slightly at full tele

With the adapter I ordered I'm supposed to get
about 50% free zoom with the B300. I've handheld the B300 up close
to the lense on the Fluzi and that's what I got....

They show the TCOM17 on this site vignetteing badly at full tele. They don't show the B300 at all but we know they are essentially the same. I've assumed the B-300 will vignette like the TCOM17 shows on this site.

This is the way both my son and I both saw this adapter on this site and I've decided to wait until someone here in the US gets one and actually posts some pix using the TCOM17 or the B300. The WA doesn't interest me that much at this point but I can tell you that the Raynox6600PRO won't work with the step down ring - vignettes badly.

Let me know,


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