Yoshida adapter--easy to order

Started Dec 29, 2003 | Discussions thread
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I got mine today

10kzoom wrote:

barrnet wrote:

10kzoom wrote:

Do we e-mail him in English and he translates; and he e-mails and
we tranlate???

or the reverse???

I emailed him in English, as short and simple as possible. He
translates it into Japanese and sends you back a message in a
rough, but understandable, English translation. Hope this helps.

Barry W.


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I received my adapter here in the UK today. I ordered a black 155 for my FZ1 I haven't had the chance to try it out properly yet, but it looks good and is a very well made solid piece of kit,I will test it with my B300 tomorrow I paid in cash with US dollars by registered mail, it took just over a week both ways, Mr Yoshida is a good man to deal with....
Home Plate.......

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