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Re: Instructions for ordering the TCON17/B300 adapter.... ;o)

Am I missing something here - maybe it's my monitor or my Fz10 is the problem.

I see severe vignetteing with the Tcon17 at full tele - which would be the same for the B300. Why would anyone want this adapter when it vignettes so much? The adapter for the W-com 08 only gives you about 1 step back and this is a very expensiive lens. So is the Tcon 14B which is over $200.

I even get minor vignetteing with the step down rings from 72> 55 but I can live with that on the few photos I use the B300 for.

The A200 works better as far as vignetteing is concerned - gives some room to back off full zoom without removing the lens.

Am I wrong? - Am I missing something that's the key to this?

Don Olson

Jimmie Burton wrote:

you can papal it to him and ask for the 1055B FZ10 Black or Silver
55mm 31.0mm TCON17, WCON07
It's 6,700 yen which is $64.08 and when you go to pay thru papal
you can clik on the amount and send it in yen.

His PayPal e-mail address below. You can just send it in English he
translates it and so many have ordered it from him he knows what
you want with the above info. I put my name, address and also put
USA at the bottom also...
It's so EZI with an UZI & even better with a Fluzi
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Panasonic FZ10 & many step rings...
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