Yoshida adapter--easy to order

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Re: Yoshida adapter--easy to order

ssteppe wrote:
It looks very professional. Flat black (model 1055B), screws on
securely. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the FZ10 lens
cover fits onto the front of the Yoshida adapter, so I don't need a
new lens cover. I tried my TCON-17 on it - screws on securely. I
put on a 55mm Hoya SMC UV filter (which I plan to leave on all the
time.) No obvious vignetting through viewfinder at 1X, but I'll
take photo tests to make sure.
Good investment for me, since I already have several 55mm filters
for the FZ1 (UV, polarizer, star cross, close-up diopter set).
The 155B Yoshida adapter is the same size as the FZ1 plastic
adapter, but it's metal and the threads are better, so the TCON-17
screws into it quite securely. Another worthwhile insurance
investment for me, since my original TCON-17 fell off my FZ1 and
broke when I accidentally attached it using the wrong filter (the
only filter I had that held it securely before was the Hoya MC UV.)
So I'm on my 2nd TCON-17.
I'll post pictures tomorrow.

JRobins wrote:

Hey Steve, what's the adapter like? Are you planning to leave it on
at all times? Can you put a filter on the end? I'm very curious.
Any pix yet? We might do as comparison with Carlos' pix.

The translations are hilarious. Sorry you missed the PayPal.

Thanks, Steve. Sounds very very nice--I thought so from the pictures on his website. Ouch (about dropping your first TCON) that must have hurt! My closest experience to that was backing my car up over my dropped cell phone. I know the feeling.

Looking forward to the pictures!


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