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Re: Carlos' lens adaptor project

Last I heard, Carlos was taking orders. I hated to do it, but I jumped ship so I could get it faster (Carlos' adapter will take a few weeks) and I have both an FZ10 and FZ1 - I wanted adapters for both. Carlos' adapter will be for the FZ10.

jflanagan wrote:
I had expressed interest in Carlos' project. I'm gathering from the
comments here that it fell thru. Is that definite, I don't want to
jump ship if he's still moving ahead.



10kzoom wrote:
Thanks. I'm still interested in my earlier offer; since Carlos's
project fell off.

ssteppe wrote:
The total - his postage is very reasonable.

10kzoom wrote:

JRobins wrote:

Jimmie Burton wrote:

I've been watching that for a while and was hoping someone in the
states would manufacture one here. How much is it going to cost you
shipping and all? Thanks in advance....
It's so EZI with an UZI & even better with a Fluzi
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It was $64 Jimmie. It's way too easy to spend money on this hobby!

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