Yoshida adapter--easy to order

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Re: Yoshida adapter--easy to order

Darn - I wish he'd started using PayPal early - would have saved me $40 for a wire transfer!

I ordered both the 1055B and 155B adapters (55mm adapters for the FZ10 and the FZ1). (Saved a little on postage by ordering them together.)

After a few very interesting e-mails back and forth (Mr. Yoshida speaks no English and I speak no Japanese, so he runs the e-mail through a translating program - you can follow the gist of the conversation, but it's not very good translation), I wired him the money on Monday Dec. 22 from my bank. He confirmed receipt of the wire transfer and mailed the adapters on Dec. 24. I received them in the mail today Dec. 29.

JRobins wrote:

Hi all,

Last night I ordered Yoshida's adapter for the Tcon17, and with the
exception of a pause to lol at the email translations, it was
effortless. I got an immediate answer from him to every question I
asked--I'll let you know how long it takes to arrive.

He is now using PayPal, which has a dropdown list for choosing
currency--so you can pay in yen. I was surprised--had never noticed

His website has pictures of the manufacturing process. No wonder
Carlos had a hard time!


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