Tough decision, will I make a mistake?

Started Dec 26, 2003 | Discussions thread
jonlee1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,436
Re: I also switched from DC4800

Try American TV and Electronics out of Madison, WI. They sell it with the kit lens for $949.00.

j-bo wrote:

THANX to everyone.. I feel a little more comfy now about purchasing
the drebel!!

I will enroll in a local photog class to learn more of the basics.
I do have a friend using a 10D that I can cheat off of for a bit,
until I can understand the camera and photography in general.

Thanx for the great responses! Now.. where do I purchase one for
less than almost everyone's $999.????

Ebay is nice, but people are bidding over the 999 price!

I will be purchasing this coming week and can't wait now! Thanx
again. j-bo

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