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Marketing a trend?

Call me ignorant. Call me unwashed. But I don't get it. I have a Fuji A200 fixed focal lenght, 2mp pocket digicam that can do all of this. And more. Without the hassle of film. I carry it with me just in case. I could force the flash off and just shoot away without looking. Anyone can do that with any camera. Just shoot at an aperature that is small enough so that blur will be present in some fashion in some of the shots. Why do we need a cheap Russian camera and a "movement" to accomplish shooting such photos?

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Shutter. wrote:

My Lomo.

I've met a friend through the Minneapolis Photo Society who has
intrigued an interest and kept a fresh perspective regarding
photography. Really, just what photography is all about for me,
the real me. I think my frustration over the 828 right now is a
reflection of the business perspective I have regarding
photography. But that's not really me.

So, #1 on my Christmas list costs about $150, and it's film. It's
going to start getting expensive again....

Really, sit back and watch/listen to this...

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Jim Fuglestad
Skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase.
-Percy W. Harris
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