Here Samples of STE2, 550ex, & 420ex in action

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Nice pic. Question for you. How do you imitate the model light as

in strobe? Do you shoot,check history,and shoot again until you get a desired pic?

Would you mind sharing the technique in detail since I would like to get the same setup as yours?


Simon-Ph wrote:

Lately, many members have been inquiring about 550ex and 420ex or
some similar combos. Here are 2 samples of why I use them. 1st of
all, I don't shoot alot in a studio setting. I prefer outdoors
portraits. But certain circumstances forces me to shoot indoors.
That is why I feel the 550ex and 420ex are valuable to me. I can
use the same flashes in the studio, outdoors fill flash, or slap
them on flash brackets for events and weddings. E-TTL with FEL
techniques allows me to get a good exposures without the need of a
flash meter.

I will admit that these photos may not be up to the pros'
standards. But that is because of my lack of ability. The flash
however, does a good job and have plenty of power (lacks in the
recycling speed). I do not have alot of experience, therefore some
critiques will be very welcomed also.


1st photo - STE2 on camera, 550ex w/medium softbox as main, 420ex
w/45" umbrella as fill.

2nd photo - STE2 on camera, 550ex w/Lumiquest Softbox as fill flash.

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