10D Homebrew Pinhole camera

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Mike Fried
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10D Homebrew Pinhole camera

Last weekend, I decided to make a pinhole camera body cap for my 10D. It was a fun experience. Here's the basic steps:

1) Buy a $5 body cap for EOS cameras.

2) If you have a drill, drill a 3-4mm diameter hole in the center of the cap.

Since I didn't have a drill handy, I started with a hammer/nail to create a hole. Then I used screws to widen the hole, and I finally used phillips head screwdrivers like drill bits to create a perfectly round 3mm or so hole.

Be careful to clean up the cap after this step. I used some canned air.

3) Take a sheet of aluminum foil or other thin, opaque material and poke it with a small pin. Cut your material down and tape it on the inside of your body cap.

More information on how to do this better than my first attempts are online.
For example: http://home.swbell.net/tmobley/makehole.htm
Places to buy premade pinholes: http://home.online.no/~gjon/pinplate.htm

Here's what my body cap looks like:

And here's a sample shot:

(ISO 400, 2 minute exposure thanks to the TC-80N3, +2 stops software exposure correction, no flash -- my 550EX doesn't make a difference at all)

Obviously, my pinhole made in about 10 seconds with a tiny square of aluminum foil and a dull pocket knife pin needs improvement... Also, it looks like I have found a new method to test my sensor for dust. The next time I clean my sensor, I will toss on the pinhole body cap instead of aiming a lens with a max f number of f/22 at the sky...

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