How to fit four 6x4 on one A4 page? - please help

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Re: How to fit four 6x4 on one A4 page? - please help

A full digital image of 4/3 aspect ratio can be printed at 4"x5.33". It might not be possible to print 4 of these at one time, since most printers want to leave about 0.5" blank at the bottom edge. However, if the printer allows printing to within 0.16" of the top edge, it is possible to print 4 4x5.33 photo on one page, by going through 2 passes. First, print 2 of them side by side on the top edge, then rotate the paper and print another two from the other edge. This is a bit of work, but gives you the most bang for your paper bug.

Dennis wrote:
I crop mine to 4x5 (same dimensions as an 8x10) so I can fit 4 to a

PowerPet wrote:
You can't fit four pictures at 6 x 4 inches since an A4 is 8.26 x
11.69 inches (or 21 x 29.7 cm) You could of course crop the images
a bit so it's not fully 6 x 4. Specially since some printers can't
print at the full area of the paper.


Colin wrote:

Hi there. I have an old version of qimage pro but this willl only
fit 4 photos which are smaller than 6x4 onto and 8x11 page

Can qimage pro fit four 6x4 on one A4 page?

Or do you have another software program that will do this?

I am wondering whether anybody has managed to setup photoshop
to create a template which will allow one to drag and drop four photos
easily onto one a4 page and print quickly?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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