circular vs standard polarizing filter

Started Dec 11, 2003 | Discussions thread
John down under Veteran Member • Posts: 8,238
Thanks T, V and tl for the 'real' truth.

T, Victor and toughluck,

Thanks for putting this thing to bed. I'm glad I posted what the salesman said as much to confirm the truth as anything else, even though as you point out this subject has been covered previously. I only just started looking at circular polariser information and started with phoning some shops. I could equally have started with the internet and that was going to be my next step (which it now has been to some extent). I'd like to think the salesman was simply mistaken rather than deliberately lying. Either way, that was the first time I had spoken to him or anyone else in his shop and I will be more cautious if I deal with him in future. I'm going to ask the same question of my A1 salesman (who has been fantastic) when he is back at work. I hope he doesn't disappoint me about his advice on the whole polariser thing, but I'll remain optimistic.

Cheers from down under, John

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