circular vs standard polarizing filter

Started Dec 11, 2003 | Discussions thread
Tortellino Senior Member • Posts: 1,330
Some people will never believe...

John down under wrote:

I phoned a camera store today where the salesman sounded
knowedgeable and stated that circular polarisation would be
necessary for the A1 so as not to interfere with the AF system.

...despite all the theoretical explanations (including this thread) and practical experiences. What is it going to take to prove that linear polarizers work fine on these cameras? I suppose nothing short of eliminating all the pseudo-knowledgeable (or just arrogant) salespeople, whose only interest is to sell you the most expensive equipment they can.

Please, everyone who "heard that CPs are necessary for all autofocus cameras", but does not not why, stop spreading this disinformation, and read up on the suject before making your next comment. A search for Linear Polarizer will bring plenty of threads on this forum.


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