>>> Challenge 6 - The Wide : Open <<<

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>>> Challenge 6 - The Wide : Open <<<

Challenge 6: The Wide : Open

Well, as it’s holiday season and people may have more time on their hands, I’ve decided to go for an open round.

Rather than being tied by a theme, you are now tied by a format.

The subject matter can be anything you like. Shoot your favourite things. Shoot your favourite places. Shoot your favourite people.

With this proviso….

The format of your picture must be widescreen, wide ratio, panoramic, whatever you like to call it. I want see pictures that are not the usual 4:3 or 3:2 ratio. Dig out that stitching program, or crop unusually.

Whatever you do, you should be thinking outside of your normal viewfinder. An exercise in alternative composition. Easy eh?

Landscapes make a natural choice for this type of picture, and holidays give us more time to get out and about. But I don’t just want to see these. Shoot something you wouldn’t normally do in this format. Just make it eye catching. Impress everybody. Use the open subject to be creative!

Exhibition category may have you revisiting some previous works. Try a different crop of something you shot last year. Maybe a composite montage. Whatever you want.

Just have fun for holiday season OK.


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The gallery is located at http://www.pbase.com/cslr_challenge/

The Canon SLR Talk Forum Challenges are open to everyone so please participate. You don't win anything (the eligible entry winner picks the next challenge topic, sets up the galleries and moderates the challenge), but it can be a fun way to practice and improve your photography and get some feedback.

Eligible Gallery entries must taken with a Canon Digital SLR camera and be taken during the specified time period.

Exhibition Gallery entries can be taken with any camera at any time.

You may post a maximum of 4 photos in each gallery.


Challenge Begins: Saturday December 19th, 00:01 GMT


Challenge Ends: Tuesday January 6th, 22:00 GMT


Go to the desired gallery, eligible or exhibition, and edit the gallery. Use browse to locate and upload your picture. Be sure to add the required information below.

Additional help page here http://www.imageattic.net/pbase_howto.htm

  • Previous participants may use the Login and Password from Challenge 5

  • If you are new and do not know the userid and password, please e-mail one of the password holders at cslr@imageattic.net Please allow a few hours to receive that information.

  • IMPORTANT: Please respect our Pbase bandwidth and ensure that your photos are no more than 150K in size.

  • Photos now have no limit on dimensions provided they fall within the 150 kilobyte limit, but bear in mind that the most popular screen size is 1024x768 so try to present your picture to fit accordingly. Viewers are more likely to appreciate your work at its original size without the use of scroll bars!

  • Please respect one another’s work. Do not delete, move, or otherwise edit other entries. Please respect the first-come, first-serve sequence of the gallery. You may update one of your images in-place, provided that the subject matter has not materially changed (PBase supports this function on the “Edit Image” page).

  • Photo by photo, please share your comments with your colleagues. Challenges reach their full potential when the dialogue becomes as important as the photos themselves.

  • Those who enjoy more plainspoken and critical comments on their photos should mark their title(s) with an asterisk ( )

If you have problems or concerns uploading add a post to this thread.

Each submitted photograph should include...
1. Your Name
2. Picture Title
3. Camera Used
4. Date of Picture (for Eligible Gallery only)

Optional information that's always appreciated is...
5. Description and Comments
6. Photography Tips
7. Post Processing Details

Note: Pictures too large or missing any of the required information will not be allowed. Please do not send off-topic entries. The moderators have the final decision on uploading or deleting pictures.

Post-Processing -- Do whatever you like to your photo and the voters will decide if it's too much.


Voting Begins: Tuesday January 6th 22:01 GMT


Voting Ends: Thursday November 8th, 2003, 22:00 GMT


This gives us 2 days to vote.

I will start the voting thread in this forum and post results the day after voting concludes.

Banned: Voting for your own images
Welcomed: Reasons why you voted for a particular image.




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