Wow! The perfect review!

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This is the problem (Warning 9 images here!)

"but I'm only going on the images Phil posted."

The d2h is only 4mp. Ive said it before and Ill say it again. My 20X30's from my d2h are better in every way to my Canon 1ds 20X30's - forget the 10d as the color is not even close. Phils shots do not even begin to show what the d2h can do with detail, color or overall quality. I have the $$ to own whatever camera I want. I sold my 1ds and bought a d2h and all new lenses!

if you need landscapes or bigger than 20X30, this is not a camera for you. BUT all of the prints I have made from the d2h beat the prints I made from my D100, 10D or 1ds. Im not a landscape guy so its plenty for me. I have 3 seperate portfolio books. One with 10d images, one with 1ds and one with d2h. The d2h images have more vibrant color, sharper details and just have a quality about them that the others do not.

Here are a few d2h shots. Ive only had the camera 2+ weeks, and have only taken so many shots but here are a few of my faves so far. Nothing spectacular, but they all give you an idea of the D2h capabilities better than phils examples. Let me say that I am NOT using this for sports and I am enjoying more as a portrait and all around camera more than any camera I have owned. (S2, D100, 10d, d60, d30, 1ds)

4mp or not, its got detail that I never found with my d100.

Any one of these could be blown up to 20X30 with exceptional results. I have not yet uploaded any portrait shots but I will soon. The d2h makes a wonderful portrait camera as well. The d2x should be AMAZING if the d2h is any indication. If Nikon can improve the high ISO noise and give us 8-10mp Id be set for a looooong time.

Phil did a GREAT job in his review!


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