D2H Huge Noise Prpblem!!!!

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Re: That's why SI & AP switched to Canon!!

The 1Ds is superior to the Kodak 14n in terms of image
quality.....and to support my statements, I have been talking to
several local professionsl news and sports photographers who shoot
for such gigs as the NBA, AP, SI on top of their jobs working for
their newspaper who are telling other photographers that is they
want to do freelance work, "dump Nikon".

I guess that each of your statements deserves an answer but I'll just reply to the Kodak one since I am surprised by it:

  • The 14n was never marketed as a news of sports camera, all the contrary, it is therefore not surprising at all that people shooting sports don't use it,

  • Stating bluntly that the image quality of the 1Ds is better is, based on the recent reviews I have read, oversimplistic. Most people seem to agree on the contrary that the 14n has a better image quality at low ISO than that of the 1Ds. They also aknowledge that the 1Ds perfoms better from 400 ISO on, and does also have better long exposure noise control.

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