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Re: Taikonaut1 ..... what say you?

I dont care what I said months ago the fact is to do with now. As said digital technology has moved on. I questioned why a DSLR is no different to the F828 but onec I saw how bad it is and how good a DSLR is I jumped boat, that is no secret and upon my return I announced exactly why so there.

If the new Nikon takes better pictures than the 300D I will join them, I dont go into self dillusion and support a product which is clearly inferior and too expensive.

Garry Platt wrote:

taikonaut1 wrote:

I find it funny how F828 fanatics got all excited over a few
"respectable" pics that happens to be taken in ideal condition.
These website always take good pictures regardless how cr*p the
camera is, there F717 examples are eqaully as good. The real
ability is for you the general public to take some decent photos
and people who own the F828 are not getting the result.

There are certainly some fanatics present here, from both STF and
from the Canon Rebel owners; I note that you have a foot in both

http://forums.dpreview.com/ ... ... read.asp?forum=1009&message=5852861

You wrote:
"Yes, camera buffs a few years ago say the same about digital
format not being able to compare to film simply because digital
started life commercially for the consumer market, but they were
proved wrong and many DSLR have jumped onto the bandwagon to stay
in business. Yes there are obviouse limitation that stops the F828
being on par with a good DSLR, but what we are seeing here is new
innovations once again being added to consumer/prosumer cameras,
i.e. 8MP, RGB+E, Clear/Colour NR, Nightshot, Hologram AF, etc. No
doubt these feature will gets transfered to DSLR in the future."

And then posted some time later:

http://forums.dpreview.com/ ... ...um=1009&message=6964910&problem=max

"Its another Sony rip-off. They havent got the technology so they
just throw in anything to fob consumers off. The company dont learn
from others and always try their own things eventually they ran of

Perhaps you might want to reflect on your own postings and how they
might appear to others?

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