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Re: Taikonaut1 ..... what say you?

I agree with some of the things you say, for once. These photos were taken by a reasonably good photographer with reasonably good techniques, and that is how tests should be done ... not by clueless Sony technicians who may know the workings of a camera but does not have any idea whatsoever of how to take a picture.

This camera is not perfect, and it is definitely NOT the camera for everyone, but anyone who is interested in a fixed lens digicam that performs like a dSLR, it's hard to beat the F828. The A1, to my mind, is still a very close second. The d-Rebel, for those who do NOT want a dSLR, is a non-starter.

taikonaut1 wrote:
These are all shot using tripod with tried and tested settings.
Despite the clear bright daylight condition I still see noise that
is on par with ISO400 on the 300D, jaggies are there but less
noticeable largly due to lack of relective surface. The gold paint
when reflected from the the sun looks blown out so is the buildings
and the rock surfaces> I saw the seagull, there is nothing special
about this, I didnt like the blown out white since there is lack of
I find it funny how F828 fanatics got all excited over a few
"respectable" pics that happens to be taken in ideal condition.
These website always take good pictures regardless how cr*p the
camera is, there F717 examples are eqaully as good. The real
ability is for you the general public to take some decent photos
and people who own the F828 are not getting the result.

Bobby Tan wrote:
Let me help you along .....

These images were most likely shot by a d-Rebel with an L-series lens.
The EXIF data were all FAKED!

Bobby Tan wrote:

I'll bet you're going to scream FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

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