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No, I don't think so...

Jose Noway wrote:

There's no good sensor/bad sensor stuff going on (that I can see)--
only a difference between one picture-taker and another.

I don't think the photographer has anything to do with what we're seeing here. The photographer didn't create the obnoxious blooming/CA/purple fringing/whateveryoucallit in the first images we've seen. That's a technical problem.

What may be interesting is to see if there is any truth to the camera not functioning problem in program mode vs. manual settings. I guess that would take care of the P&S stigma now, wouldn't it? lol

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Matthew Cromer wrote:

I suspect the greens ARE dull.

These pics are loads better than the nasty ones posted here today
(no offense, I mean the camera image quality not technical
quality). The jaggies are gone and the blooming isn't showing up.
There is purple CA but it doesn't look like blooming and it doesn't
show up everywhere around highlights.

I wonder if a bad batch of 828 cameras with bad sensors is out
there where the sensors bloom like crazy. Weird.

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