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hmm.... go figure...

These are very promising... but something seems fishy... and not just in the water park ( haha)

The sky seems very deep blue... almost like nothing I've seen from a 707 bare. Seems like a polarizer may have been used? Or just the perfect light, I don't know...

Regardless, these look quite nice. Colors are exceptional by my undiscerning eye.


Ulysses wrote:

They spent some time at Disney. Other obligations limited their
shooting period.

They shot more pictures than anticipated, partly because the camera
is FAST!

Quality build.

Menus easy to use.

Extremely fast, and shutter lag virtually nonexistent!!

Very good EVF for its type.

Performance about the best they've seen on a fixed lens camera.

Low noise!!

Purple fringing. Too early to tell if unusually abnormal.

Nice, sharp, colorful, very pleasing.

Lots more to say.


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Jim Fuglestad

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