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Re: noise reduction

I don't see it being there for noise reduction. The wavelengths between the 2 colours arn't that big but is big enough to notice a colour difference when combining the 2 and seeing the eye is more sensititve to green it makes sense that you'd want to capture 2 diferent wavelengths to better cover the green spectrum.

You could look at it that capturing a different wavelength would effect the noise due to different intensitites of wavelengths but if this was they're plan then comparing it to the 707 they've failed misserably.

Seeing they use dark frame as well as clear colour and luminance noise reduction which they use in they're high end production video camera's (which give good results from anything seen on tv) I don't see them implementing a 4th colour to reduce noise instead of for colour accuracy (though I don't see it increasing the accuracy of the colour all that much either). Besides that theres not muchmore they can do besides the clear colour and luminace reduction without effecting the quality of the image drastically (look at some fo the kodak cameras, ewwww)

All in all its more another gimick to sell the camera or make ppl that don't research specs think it must be better because its new and the only one that has it.

Evil Eggplant wrote:
I believe the output of the 4th color filter is being sampled and
used in some sort of common mode noise reduction scheme. It makes
sense. Add a bunch of extra pixels, then use those very same pixels
to reduce the noise that they introduced.

Sensor technology is such that very accurate color rendition is
possible. The problem with the sony sensor seems to be noise.

Mark my words, the 4th "magical" filter is there for NR more than
it is for color accuracy. Remember, you heard it here first.

Chrissul wrote:

Seriously, where did the Emerald color come from?

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