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Re: I believed you, Cheryl ;-)

Matthew Cromer wrote:

There is a bit of red bleed -- that's
the worst thing I saw in the images other than some expected CA at
full wide angle and almost full wide aperture.

CA/blooming in my book usually coincide. But it doesn't matter. We're all talking about purple color fringing, I'm pretty sure.

The red bleed honestly doesn't bother me nearly as much. Bayer sensors almost always bleed red.

I'd suggest that anyone who doesn't get a camera performing like
the DCRP and IR cameras are performing needs to consider the strong
possibility that their camera is defective.

If it's true... IF they have cameras that show an inordinate amount of the problem (and we haven't ruled out simply good ol' technique here), then perhaps it's time to start doing the usual: Call Sony about the issue and log your report with them, then follow the instructions they give. Note that no one there will yet know what you are talking about. It may take some time.

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