Don’t take what you read here as Gospel…

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Re: Don’t take what you read here as Gospel…

Delbert wrote:

task, but I didn’t have another $400 in the budget right now. So I
went to and found an old Canon 35-135mm USM bargain grade
(BTW if you’ve never bought from KEH, don’t be afraid of their
bargain graded products, good user) for $79. Sprung another $6
for a lens cap. Went ahead and ordered it on the spot, without
checking other peoples opinions. How could I have been so

Then I checked the lens forum and found that Adam –T really trashed
the lens. Since I have the highest regards for Adams opinion I
thought, oh well under a hundred bucks you can always sell it for

Well I shot the first match with the lens. In addition to having
the handicap of the lens, I also mistakenly left my camera set at
ISO 1600. I realized this after about 50 shots but decided
what-ta-heck. Long story short…Lens performed outstanding, it was
the perfect focal length. With very little PP my 4X6 prints at ISO
1600 were outstanding.

I have posted a few on Pbase. For on line viewing I did run them
through neat image so the EXIF data was lost. I am a happy camper.

Moral: Try if for yourself before you jump to conclusions.
Delbert...just hangin around

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I own the 35-135mm USM lens myself, bought it back when it was out with my Canon EOS 10s and still love that lens. I have shot many weddings with it and portraits. The only thing Canon added was stepped it from 35 to 28 and added image stabilization. But it was by no means, a CHEAP lens.
Usually people not shoting correctly.

Same goes for the 18-55mm kit lens, I have heard it wasn't very sharp. Here are two samples I took earlier.

The car is a signed by 2002 Nascar Winston Cup Champion Tony Stewart (and his whole crew) from his rookie year (1999). (Sorry but its not for sale guys!) Just took the shot for sharpness purposes. You can read all the sponsors and signatures.

The other shot is an old modem card I used to show you can still read all the lettering on the card. Even better in both full size images which I didn't upload because of size.

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