blast of canned air

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Re: Surprised how many ppl do.

Hey Daniella, I remember it was you who commented on "blowing the sensor" last time, I guess you had plenty of practice, but thanks for all your advice last time, even the ones that werent relevent....:)

Yes I always compared canned blowers with women, they can warm up one moment promising to fullfil a task with satisfying result but then almost instantly turned cold the next if they felt under pressure to do well, as a result when she blows you never know if she might spit afterwards and ruin my pride and joy not least my self esteem. Hey I am a sensitive guy......:)

Daniella wrote:
they are unpredictable. when you use them the can become really
cold..then when it warm up again it build condensation
can spit liquip propellant plus that moisture right into your

Now if you want to take that's fine with me

Homl wrote:
There is nothing wrong with can air. I use it all the time and
never have a problem. It is convenient and works well. It is very
safe if you know what NOT to do.
You should aways store it upright, aways keep it upright during use
and aways a few burst to clear the nozzle before every use. Extreme
care with full cans.

Kallus wrote:

I'm surprised by how many ppl do use compressed air.

Was at the shopping centre the other day and they were doing the
santa photos and now use digital (looked like a fuji S2 never got
close enough to see). Anyway after my shopping on the way down I
looked over to see the photographer take the lens off then get a
can of compressed air with 10cm needle tip on it and blast it a
good 3 or 4 seconds :os

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