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Re: Not Sharp - Not Happy

fordstudio wrote:

Both camera's have alot of controls which will affect the image quality. On the image of the coins I would think a standard color, original tone, and hard sharpening would give excellent results, but if the sharpening was not set to hard, the image would not be sharp, altho it could be sharpened in photoshop.> aztech wrote:

I recently came from a studio lighting class. We shared images and
I was not happy at the results.

Compared to a Canon EOS 10D my S2 Pro was soft in with all images.

Fuji S2Pro AF-S Nikkor 28-85mm 3.5 to (I forget)
Canon 10D Canon 28-80mm 3.5 to 5.6

I am thinking the lens is the problem. But how do they find out?
When the lens goes to one supplier and the camera to another? What
are my options when I know anyway? At least with Canon it (lens and
body) can be checked as one unit.

Even if the lens was correct would it match the 10D?

I am new to photography and this is not a good start. Any advise is
most welcome.

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