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Enough Please

This is not a political forum. These comments help noone regarding the Digital Rebel.

José Luís Malaquias wrote:
And do you really suppose that blowing the hell out of a country,
destroying its basic infrastructures while looking for things that
patently weren't there is the kind of thing that "adds value"?

The whole mess was based on a set of lies that are coming to light.

The only good result of it was getting rid of a vicious dictator,
but the way things are going, I see the US pulling out of there
when the situation gets out of control, the way they did in
Somalia, and then you will see the power falling into the hands of
some blood-thirsty warlord that will make Saddam pale in comparison.

I also do hope the original poster returns home safely, but you
guys really should start evaluating the mess your leaders got you

Charles C Lloyd wrote:

José Luís Malaquias wrote:

I sure hope your DR can shoot some nice pictures of the WMD, the
nuclear plants, the terrorist camps, and ... oh ... the guy with
the mustache.

This kind of sardonic comment is of no use. Why don't you try to
add some value next time and keep your smug attitude to yourself?

The other day I went to... no wait, that was someone else.
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