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Re: Wait for the next G

That is true. If there is CA in some images, you can fix it in 5 seconds with Photoshop or if you can't afford it then Gimp.

Sigurd wrote:

Tom Davenport wrote:

The next G is rumored to be more compact and
have 28mm at the wide end (hopefully Canon will address the CA

Keyword here being 'rumored'... it is pretty silly to sit around
and wait for a camera that noone (outside of Canon) even knows if
will ever exist. The 'next G' might not even be a G for all we know.

As for the choice... if you need/want the extra megapixel and/or
black camerabody, go for the G5, if not, you'd probably be just as
happy with the G3. They are both excellent cameras and you'll be
getting your moneys worth either way.

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