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Re: A1: Really, really big prints

Reybabes wrote:

Many reviews of 5 and under MP cameras state that they're fine for
printing up to about 8X10. I accepted that as gospel until I drove
cross-country with my trusty Canon G2 (4mp) and shot memorable pix
that are now 11X14 and sprinkled throughout my house. I can't
believe how fine the detail is and this holds true even in some
(mild) crops. I wonder if any of you are printing to 11X14 (or
bigger) with your A1 and what kind of results you're getting.

I've basically narrowed my search to this camera (waiting for the
dcresource review today though) and the advice here has been
extremely helpful. Thanks all.

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REY, Just FYI, -- I use a two and a half year old D-7ug and print 8X10s as proofs. Keepers I print 11X17 and hangers 13X19 and larger. Here is a photo of my wife

holding one of the 20X30 prints we had made. The A-1 is several generations newer

than mine --so would expect it to be just as good. I get stunning prints from my Epson 2200.

You can't go wrong with an A-1.

'Pictures are everywhere!'

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