Improvement wish list for A1

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Re: Improvement wish list for A1

1. Better image quality (less noise) at ISO 400 and 800
2. In camera image rotation
3. In camera stitching (assist?)
4. Good quality wide (fish eye?) and 2x converters.

Would buy (for the time beeing sticking to my Hi) next Minolta model if it 1. had faster (2-2,8 or constant 2,8) longer range (24-200 or 28-300 mm) or less wide angle distortion lens.
2. If it had significantly better quality at ISO 400-800.
3. If it had good wide and tele converters.

4. And, of course, if it had fully interchangeable (not maxxum full size) lens. One can aways dream!


engbert wrote:
To permit scrolling and magnification of playback in raw, it would
be better to store larger thumbnails. These would also be more
useful while processing on the computer.

jien wrote:

Greeting to All,

I love my A1, was wondering if every A1 owner can brainstorm and
generate out a possible improvement wish list (through simple
firmware update i hope), to improve upon the already features rich
camera. Once this list is complete, we can then send it to all
local Minolta offices as user feedback, hopefully Minolta will
grant us our wishes.

I would like to suggest the following improvement: -
1. Able to rotate vertical image in camera for playback & slideshow
2. Bracketing increase to + - 1.0EV
3. Built-in Multiple-exposure

Thanks in advance.

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