Crooked CCD on S50

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Re: Crooked CCD on S50

I have a ques for Canon: If all the other parts can be made to fit perfectly, as they seem to do, why not the CCD? I really just don't get it. Canon has said this is hard to control in manufacturing. I think that they should be held to task for it but at the very least you can first measure it by taking self-protrait of camera in mirror, cam and mirror need to be perfectly level and parallel with one another. That would show how noticeable it is. I use Photoshop to level shots (most hand held shots are not level anyway and need some help). Up to this point, I have not paid much attention to lossless rotation, so far it doesn't seem to be a problem since I compress my results anyway. If the tilt is not too severe, you can compensate for it anyway so it may not be that critical. Sometimes I wonder about mine being a little off, yet the test seemed to come out ok, just eyeballing it.

twadger wrote:

Seen this mentioned a few times.
How much of a problem is it?
Does it affect every camera?
What's the best way to straighten affected images? As I understand
it Photoshop doesn't use lossless rotation and as far as I can see
Breezebrowser only allows 90 degree rotation and not small

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