slightly OT: decent film camera to compliment lenses

Started Dec 8, 2003 | Discussions thread
ron mcmillan Contributing Member • Posts: 836
thinking differently....

Hi David,

I was about to recommend that you buy your Dad an EOS5 film body with a standard 50mm 1.8 lens. They're great -- full of useful real-world features, very rapid autofocus, and the lens is super sharp.

But then I thought. $300? You can get a LOT of digital camera for that kind of money -- and it would be small enough that Dad could put it on his belt and never leave home without it. Not something you could hope he might do with a big ole clunker SLR+lens.

I think the best present you could give him would be a taste of the present. Like maybe a Canon Powershot A70 with a decent memory card on board. If he doesn't have a computer -- no problem, 'cos you have, and you'll be happy to 'process' his 'films' for him, right? And if you're not near enough to be his helper, he can take his CF card straight to a photo lab for prints, can't he?


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