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Re: Obsolesence

I hope my camera last longer more than one year! I have no money to buy a camera every year.

Ok, probably in a year's time it will be obsolete but it is not important for me.
The important is to take good photos.

My previous camera was an Olympus OM2 that I bought in the 1978 and I have made wit it (till the last month) great photos.
I have change only for the opportunity given by digital technology.


Charles C Lloyd wrote:

I'm confident the Rebel of today will last longer than most people
want to keep using it. There are very few moving parts inside. In
a year's time, it'll be obsolete. To wear it out in a year, you
would almost have to be a pro, so spring for a more robust camera.

The other day I went to... no wait, that was someone else.
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