HELP - too much green on HP990cxi printouts

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Re: HELP - too much green on HP990cxi printouts

If Joel's advice doesn't work, then do what I did when I had the same problem with my old HP930; use the curves function in Qimage to tame green down a bit at the dark (i.e. low RGB values) end. Boosting red a little at the dark end may help as well. You'll never get true dark greys and blacks with a three colour inkjet but you can usually get it quite good as long as a print isn't compared to a 7960 standard of print.

Joel Rosen wrote:
I have the 990cse so I'm not sure if the print engine is the same.
In qimage, which I use exclusively, I use NONE as the printer
profile. I unclick automatic image enhancement in the advanced tab
of the printer properties menu. I usually get prints that very
closely match my monitor. By the way, make sure your monitor is
properly adjusted or profiled.

Peter LO wrote:

Hi All,

I have an HP990cxi printer but it tends to produce photos with a
green tint, notably dark areas. Although I have manually selected
"sRGB" as the color space for the printer and apply an adjustment
of +7 red and +8 blue to the image prior to printing, the dark
areas still don't look right - they are very muddy.

Since warmer/cooler is the only color adjustment available in the
printer driver, I wonder if there's other settings that allows me
to adjust the intensity of individual color, especially black.

Any suggestion appreciated.


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