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Jessops current price of £349.90 includes the £50 reduction, or so they told me this morning when I went into my local branch with a print out of the amazon page listing the price as £299.99. The guy in the shop rang the head office but they wouldn't match it. In fact they offered no reduction at all on £349.90. I didn't buy one.

BrianG wrote:
Jessops, the largest high street photogroup in the UK is
advertising it for £349.90, but with an extra £50 off at the
present time. I don't know how long this further reduction will
However, they will always TRY to match an Internet price from a UK
supplier which has them in stock. All you have to do is go to a
shop (240+ country wide) with the Internet supplier details. They
will confirm them and then decide to match or see how close they
can get.
Worth atry, I would suggest.

aam1234 wrote:
Thanks Suj
I think 400 pounds is a bit expensive for somebody who has a G3 and
just wants a smaller cam to carry around.
Thanks again

Suj wrote:

aam1234 wrote:
Thanks Shaby,
How about street prices, are they close to or different than at

shaby wrote:

aam1234 wrote:

I'll be travelling to the UK soon and was wondering if anybody know
how much an S50 would cost there.

at it is £299

Ive seen it for £310 in Tottenham Cour Road (London) but the
average street price is around £400 +

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