About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

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Re: FINALLY, I understand!

Leonardo wrote:

... maybe you can enlighten me about this 16
bit business. When in RGB (a or s) mode, is the in-camera file
saved as 16 or 8 bit? If its saved as 16 bit, then it would seem
wise, from what was said above, to postprocess in 16 bit mode, if
possible. But what if its saved as 8 bit in camera????

I think it depends what file type you have chosen for your in-camera images. If you save as jpeg the camera converts down to 8 bit prior to saving.

And how does Raw fit into the 8 vs 16 bit discussion. I read,
above, that it is saved with 24 bits in camera. Is that correct?

Most RAW-capable cameras seem to save 12 data bits (per colour channel). That's why it's often recommended to work in 16 bit depth (although 12 would be adequate, that's not on offer!). As you imply in your question it would be a waste of time and storage space to save 8 bit images in 16 bit data files.

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