S2 Going Bad??

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Re: S2 Going Bad??

I had a similar problem (among many others) with my Nikon D1. It was no longer under warranty which is why I'm now the happy owner of my S2. The camera was intermittantly taking blank frames and sometimes black frames with colored lines running through it. Eventually, it quit taking pictures altogether. Nikon wanted $1500 to fix my problem which they attributed to "water and impact damage", neither of which was the case.

If the CF proves not to be your problem, I urge you to get the camera into Fuji before your warranty runs out (hope it hasn't already).

Bruce Douglas wrote:

Ken Deemer wrote:

My S2 seems on the verge of dying. The metering, focus and shutter
all seem to work fine, but no image is captured. The display shows
previous good images, but current ones are black. I've put in fresh

After it first happened, I took the batteries out, took the lens
off and on, turned it on an off a few times and it started working
again. Then after a couple of dozen shots, the same thing. This
time, I took out the CR123's and it started working. Then after a
while quit again. At the moment it seems to be working, but 5 min
from now may quit. Seems to be getting worse. I guess I need to
send it to NJ, but am worried they'll get it and not find anything

Anyone experience similar problems??

My S2 did the same thing - occasional blank frames, and then later
weird colors on some frames. I sent the camera to Fuji along with
a CD of a sequence of good and bad pictures from a single session.
They gave me a new S2! (My S2 was still under warranty) That
solved the problem.

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Bruce Douglas

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