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For Robert Grimes

Hi Robert, Here is a link I found and it really explains very easy how to use the Sekonic meter. I printed it out and I use it alot. Take a look at the website...Melissa

Robert Grimes wrote:
I have recently purchased a Sekonics meter so I just have to figure
out how to use it correctly. That leads to the question to be sure
I know what to do.

I should have just the background (no people) and flash the stobe.
I assume I point the meter at the camera, not the background. Then
I bring in the people and do the same thing, but put the meter in
front of the people pointing to the camera. Is this correct?

Since I have only two (or will soon) stobes, I assume one should be
basically on the people and the other more on the side for the
background. Should I have both on when doing the meter for the
background as well?

I will do some experiments to be sure, but thanks for the help.

DaveCS wrote:


Background light should be 2 stops (minimum) over the subject's
If the folks are shot at f8, then the background should be
registering at f16 or, if you want to go nuts with high key, maybe
even f22.

More light is not a necessity. A wider spread of the light would
help on the background though.

I would suggest you meter this with an incident meter and, then, it
shouldn't matter if your subjects wear white, or black etc.


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