Sigma 12-24 first impressions

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Sigma 12-24 first impressions

I have rented the Sigma 12-24 until thursday to test it. Thats possible in germany only, AFAIK.

This lens is big in diameter, now i understand why its not f3,5-4,5. The lens hood is made of two parts, as you can see below. Just like a size comparison with the 17-40L. Its only f4,5 at 12mm, if you go to 13 its f5 and stays there until 18, then its f5,6 up to 24mm. Look and feel, build quality is very good, i didnt see anything bad. I noticed soft corners wide open, which sharpen up when stopping down and almost disappear at f11. I'd say its useable from f5,6 and higher. Sweet spot appears to be f11.

The perspective from 18mm is fun to play with, i never ever had a lens or digicam with a AOV that large. I started with more than 35mm, now on my 10D i have 27mm (17-40L) and i really like the look 18mm gives. One funny snapshot can be found here : Poor dog :-).

AF is silent, but neither really slow nor really fast. I would say its up to Micro USM speed. I really dont understand why Sigma includes HSM in an ultra wide angle zoom lens, makes no sense to me. And it does not focus correctly at close distances. I shot a lens res test chart with AF and it focused at 0,5m, while correct distance is 0,3m. Thats at 12mm. At 24mm it focused at 1m, the correct distance is 0,55m. When i focused manually the camera confirmed focus lock by beeping. However, it did confirm the wrong distance by beeping too.
I didnt notice any focus issues when shooting far away objects like houses.

House Test shots at f5 to f11 (Original Files)

More Original size shots (same as below, but full size) :

Lens res test chart center crops (AF shots are OOF, MF shots are IF) :

Shots that show the perspective from 18mm :

Indoor shots with flash :

If youd like to have the lens res chart shots emailed just tell me, i cant upload any more photos.

Flat view
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