Best wide-carriage printer under $500?

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Re: Best wide-carriage printer under $500?


1) IIMHO, for quality photos the Epson 1280 is the winner. The Epson 2200 give better archival prints but many feel the 1280 give better image quality. With ColorLife paper 1280 prints should last 20+ years. I don't think HP guarantees the life of their photos.

2) All inkjets get clogs. In my experience problems are minimal when there is constant use. If the printer sits idle for extended periods (even a few days) expect to have some issues. Simple enough to fix - just run the printer through it's cleaning cycles till the problem is gone. Of course, this wastes ink, so increases costs. This is true for all inkjets and will be true with the new Ultrachrome's as well.

Another option - Canon's 9100 is fast and does great quality prints but they are not rated to last long. Expect much debate on this but the consensus I've seen is they do not have the durability of the Epson 1280.

At this point the only other large format photo printer on the market with long lasting prints is the Epson 2200. Based on feedback I've seen (in this forum and others) I've decided to stick with the 1280 for the time being.

I expect it's inevitable that there will be a wide-format Epson version of the R800. It may be great but expect to spend more per print - the Ultrachrome inks will be more expensive than current dye and pigment inks.


David Earl wrote:

Hello everyone.

Looking to upgrade my HP Deskjet 932C with a wide carriage photo
printer (13 X 19) and am considering two models: Epson 1280s and
Deskjet 9650.

My question: Actual experience from users of either system concerning:
1) Image quality, espeically Photoret III vs. Photoret IV.
2) Clog issues and their resolutions.
3) Any other important information.

Any rumors of Epson introducing a wide format on their R800
technology? What about HP implementing Photoret Pro in 13 X 19?

Any comments appreciated.


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