Is it possible to use 550ex AND alien bees ?

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Re: What obvious reasons?

You can always fire the Alien Bees with your 550EX but in a wedding situation, where there are plenty of other cameras and flashes going off, the Alien Bees would be firing quite a bit if they're set to slave.

I believe also, depending on where the Alien Bees are located in the hall, it is entirely possible that they may be out of range for the 550EX.

Just an idea,

davidhood wrote:
Why can't you fire your ABs using your 550ex?

David Mielcar wrote:

This is the last question before I get my hands on DigiBee package.
I am planning to get it with radio remote system. Is it possible to
use 550ex on camera and fire AlienBees at the same time using the
radio remote ? In other words - since 550ex is going to be sitting
in the hot shoe - does radio remote connect through PC Sync port at
all ? I don't think so but maybe there is a different sollution to
it ?

What I have in mind is lighting a reception room at a wedding using
two AB800's to bounce off ceiling and 550ex on camera in the same
way. For obvious reasons I cannot set AB's to slave and trigger
them with my flash...


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